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Mirrors with curved surfaces were introduced as early as the 13th century.
A convex mirror curves toward an object, making the image of the object
viewed in a convex mirror both distorted and smaller than that of the same
object viewed in a plane mirror. Therefore, reflected objects look farther away
than they really are and could cause visual misjudgment when viewed in a
convex mirror.

The visual distortion created by the convex mirror cannot be eliminated.
That is why, under federal law, the exterior convex mirror on the passenger
side of a vehicle bears a warning about the visual distortion created by the
mirror: “Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear”.

In standard rearview mirrors, the plane mirror provides correct distance
perception, but cannot meet the driver’s field of view requirements, whereas
the convex mirror achieves greater field of view, but cannot give precise
distance perception, making blind spots and visual distortion become
permanent vision impairments to drivers that shuts down the gateway to full
awareness of their driving environment. The solution is all done with the
patented automatic and natural safety indicator, the ALLVIEW Windows
Program™ (AWP™) (U.S. Patent No. 5,321,566 with 55 claims) through the
patented ALLVIEW™ Mirror.

The AWP™ offsets the visual distortion created by the convex mirror while
eliminating blind spots. Drivers viewing with AWP™ through the ALLVIEW™
Mirror would experience no difference when compared to viewing with the
naked eye to meet the drivers’ field of view requirements the plane mirror
cannot make. Now, here is what happens:

Through the ALLVIEW™ Mirror, watch a vehicle as it passes your car in your
immediate left or right adjacent lane. The vehicle appears in your side window
before leaving your rear window, and in your vision before leaving your side
window, while seeing all lanes in your rear field-of-view that enables you to see
if someone else is in another lane moving into the same spot you want, without
turning your head.

Regardless of the closing distance and approaching speed of the vehicles
reflected in the mirror, the AWP™ shows you when and where it is safe to
change lanes, merge and exit freeways, join traffic-flow, start road-departures
and how to complete such maneuvers accurately and timely. That enables you
to maintain your car’s position properly and safely relative to vehicles around
your car in your rear field-of-view without turning your head, which enables you
to keep your eyes constantly on the road ahead when driving.

AMS™ compensates for the limitations of human sight and complements the
performance of the human eye, which visibly extends the driver’s vision into
areas long assumed to be off limits and brings the driver’s visual capability
once considered impossible to immerse drivers in full awareness of their
driving environment, making the above capability a reality helping drivers
avoid car accidents.

The AWP™ safety rule is attached with the AMS™ product.

Additional AMS™ Driving Safety Benefits

Everything we know about the world comes to us through our human body
senses. Our senseof sight is the gateway we know about the world beyond
touch. Everything we know about the driving environment around our cars is
beyond touch. As drivers, how we drive depends on what we see. Since we
can see causes of collisions timely and accurately, we can take corrective
action to alter the effect, and avoid crashes. AMS™ helps keep your eyes on
the road while seeing everything behind you without turning your head and
helps to judge accurately and safely what you see all at the same time at any
given moment when driving.

Seeing is one thing, but judging accurately what you see is another. AMS™
does it all for you. AMS™ constantly displays your car's position relative to all
other cars around you in your rear field of view. AMS™ tells you whether or
not it is safe to change lanes, merge and exit freeways, join traffic flow or
start road-departures, where it is safe to move and how to complete such
maneuvers accurately and timely without turning your head. All you do is
follow the AMS™ "safe or not safe" safey rule, regardless of the image-size,
distance and speed of the approaching vehicle reflected in the mirror. Gone
forever is guesswork. In return, AMS™ drivers can benefit by improving their
driving skills, avoid car accidents and traffic violations helping to keep their
auto insurance premiums low.

Benefit From AMS™ Naturally

For Everyday Drivers: The ALLVIEW™ Mirror constantly displays your
vehicle’s position relative to all other vehicles surrounding you in your rear
traffic view. The patented method for safe usage, the ALLVIEW Windows
Program™ tells you whether or not it is safe to change lanes, merge and exit
freeways, join traffic-flow, make turns or start road-departures, where it is
safe to move and how to complete such maneuvers accurately and timely
without turning your head. No more guesswork!

For Young and New Drivers: With AMS™, whether you have been driving for
many years, or are just beginning, safe or not safe is all you need to know to
ensure the safe results of your driving maneuvers. Traditionally, judgments
based on experienced or inexperienced driving with standard rearview mirrors
are in the class of good or poor guesses, which cannot ensure the safe
results of your driving maneuvers.

For Older and Disabled Drivers: No matter what your age or any disabilities
you may have and drive a car with adaptive devices, so long as your physical
and visual capabilities permit you can continue to drive safely while
maintaining your sense of freedom and independence of mobility behind the
wheel. AMS™ also complements the performance of your peripheral vision by
displaying your right and left side traffic view in the ALLVIEW™ Mirror,
enhancing your visual capabilities without turning your head. AMS™ also
makes your driving easier and safer by helping to improve your driving skills,
avoid car accidents, traffic violations and alleviates driving fatigue.

For most people, their drivers license accounts for their freedom of mobility
and life of independence. It is a life-changing experience as you tap into the
power of AMS™ that lights up your way by putting vehicle guidance
completely under your visual control without turning your head, giving you the
confidence and tangible security you need for staying physically and
emotionally healthy on the road safer and longer.

For Auto Racers: Auto racers not only travel in excess of 150 miles per hour,
but they also travel literally inches apart. And racers themselves are
essentially handicapped since the helmets they wear minimize any neck
mobility and cut off their peripheral vision to drive only with straight-ahead
tunnel vision. That is why AMS™ is the number one choice of all three
NASCAR Winston Cup, Busch, and Craftsman Truck series racers and race
teams. Not only does the mirror let racers see everything they need to see
behind them; more importantly, it indicates to racers how to judge accurately
what they see to make maneuvers that can determine the outcome of a race
without turning their heads.

Driving Health & Psychology
The safety benefits extend to one’s driving health and psychology. With
AMS™, drivers are more focused and alert while driving; drivers gain more
confidence, become better drivers and are safer on the road; drivers
everyday driving stress are greatly reduced; and passengers rider safer as
well. Driving with AMS™, the vital link among yourself, your car and your
driving environment, you and your loved ones are safer for the long road



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